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Announcing Placement Specialist Team Expansion

We are excited to share some important updates regarding St. Louis Partners (SLP) growth and the impactful work we have been doing to support children. Over the past few months, we have made some changes to our team. Current Placement Specialist, Meaghan Westhus, has recently been joined by Kim Willis in our Home and Family Finding team.


Previously, Meaghan was the sole member of the Home Finding team, working tirelessly to find homes and families for children in our care. Now, with the addition of Kim, this department has expanded into formal family finding.

This program focuses on family navigation and includes elements of the 30 Days to Family model, which focuses on connecting children with stable and loving relatives. Our approach differs as we work throughout the entire life of the case ensuring ongoing family finding.


One of our primary goals is to place children with their family and kin whenever safe and possible.


We also strive to keep siblings together and help youth who are approaching the transition to adulthood without a permanent home. These services are available to all St. Louis Partners kids.


While this program is still in early stages, Meghan and Kim are pleased to report that there have already been successful placements with relatives. They have identified and engaged with relatives, even those who live out of state, who have demonstrated a willingness to provide care and support for these children.


Family finding is a core aspect of our work, and we actively search for individuals who have a connection to the child, typically within 3-5 degrees of separation. We also reach out to people such as teachers and family friends who may have fostered deep connections with these children and youth.


In addition to family finding, the team is dedicated to home finding for all new cases, placement disruptions and sibling separations. As we move forward, our team remains committed to creating stable and nurturing environments for children in our care.



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