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Meet Tapir!

Who is Tapir?

Tapir is an animal character created by Jill Adamson (of BFT) and utilized by Bringing Families Together to help our younger children transition into the foster care and/or adoption system. Through Tapir, his coloring pages, stories, and our stuffed Tapir friend, children who come into the system are given a framework with which they are aided in understanding, conceptualizing and dealing with the new experiences they will be encountering.

The creation of Tapir kicked off in 2012, with Tapir’s Coloring Contest, wherein two BFT kids were given creativity awards and a special prize for their enthusiastic coloring efforts.

Within Tapir’s program, all children who come into care through BFT will get a Color-Your-Own Tapir coloring page, where they are encouraged to create and color their own Tapir. By summer 2012, our goal is for every child under twelve (or as appropriate) to receive a stuffed Tapir animal and Tapir’s first storybook, Tapir Visits a Foster Family.

Tapir’s program operates under the belief that children are aided mentally and emotionally by creative and expressive therapies and means including play, art and stories. We encourage parents, foster parents, therapists and other caregivers to read Tapir’s stories to their kids in care, encourage coloring, play, expression, and understanding of foster care and adoption through Tapir’s program.


For more info on Tapir, contact Jill Adamson at:  Jilla@bringingfamiliestogether.com


Sponsor a Tapir!

Sponsor one of our new children into care to receive a Tapir stuffed animal and Tapir's first book for $15!
What is a Tapir?
A tapir is a large mammal that resembles a mix between an anteater and a rhinoceros. Tapirs are currently endangered, which means that there are lots of people in the world trying to keep the species alive. They live in rainforests in South America and Southeast Asia!
BFT's stuffed Tapir!
A special thanks to Sarah Ward!