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Lou and Mary

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We are Lou and Mary and we are grateful to have the opportunity to share a glimpse of our lives with you. As so many couples have, we met, fell in love, married and expected to find ourselves blessed with children. When it finally became clear that conceiving would be difficult for us, e realized that adoption could be the answer to making our dreams of having a family come true. We are so eager for this journey to begin; holding a baby in our arms, making them laugh, holding their tiny hand as their take their first steps all make for a very special kind of love that we are longing to experience. To watch a child grow and thrive, exploring the world and becoming their own unique person, and having a part in guiding them along the way would be our greatest joy. We have so much to share with a child and are ready to guide and nurture your baby and to provide him/her with a home in which they will be surrounded by love.