Meet Mackenzie, Amani and Ronald!


Mackenzie, Amani, and Ronald love to laugh and are connected by their close sibling bond.  Mackenzie is three years old (soon to be four) and a protective older sister.  She leads the kids in dance sessions and sing-alongs.  She is a big helper and may just be a little “sassy”.  Amani is two years old (soon to be three) and is always “on the go”. Like most kids her age, she has an occasional “terrible two’s” moment, but easily recovers. She loves to eat and is typically an easy going child.  Ronald is two years old and is the baby of the family.  He is full of energy, but when he is involved in an activity, is very focused and gives it his full attention.  These children are in need of a loving family that can match their energy and enthusiasm and, most importantly, respect their sibling and family connections.

This is a legal risk adoption, and we are only considering licensed families in the state of MO.

For more information contact:  

Christina Robb

Adoption Specialist

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

314-854-5727 or