Meet Cheyana!


Cheyana likes to express her creative side through her hair and make-up. She has a great imagination and is outspoken and articulate. Like any typical 17 year old, she prefers to spend time with her friends or on a cell phone or tablet. Other than the social aspects, school is not Cheyana’s favorite place, although she worked hard during her junior year to maintain her grades. She will be a senior this fall. Cheyana is intelligent and has the ability to do well when she is focused. She is also into learning how to live a healthy life style by staying active and eating healthy. Cheyana is eager to have a family to provide stability in her life and help her transition into adulthood. Cheyana does have important family connections that she would like to continue.


For more information about Cheyana, please contact:

Christina Robb

Adoption Specialist

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

314-854-5727 or