Meet Carter!


Let us introduce you to the Creative Carter! Carter is an energetic and curious ten-year old boy who is currently going into the 6th grade! Carter is described as a cute, sweet and caring! Carter enjoys sports, including basketball, track and soccer! He loves to read (especially the Goosebumps books) and to write! Carter receives some additional services through his school to assist him with his learning. Overall, Carter is physically healthy! He is prescribed medication to help with his behavioral needs, which he takes daily. While Carter is not placed with his siblings, he has a close sibling relationship that he will need to continue in the future.

This is a low-risk placement now as termination of parental rights has taken place. The ideal adoptive family would be loving, caring, and open to the idea of a continued relationship with his foster parents and his siblings! The family should have elevated needs training or be willing to complete the training. The adoptive family should have the ability to maintain a consistent schedule and be able to establish consistent, clear, and loving boundaries, rules, and consequences.

Please contact Carol Pine, Adoption Specialist, via email at or via phone at 314-938-5707 if you are interested in being a forever family for this incredible young man.